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As the years went by, my parents asked me if I would like to join them in the business, so in 1981, I started using and selling water distillers as an independent distributor.

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Water Purification At Its Finest

For 40 Years, Pure Water premium steam distillation

appliances have been recognized as the best drinking water

systems in the world. We offer a full range of features and

sizes for all of your consumable needs.

Since the pure water is produced fresh every day and is
stored in only the highest-quality stainless steel storage tank,
the water tastes fantastic. The quality of water that your family
consumes can directly affect their health and quality of life.

Pure Water brand water distillers have been recognized as
the best water treatment systems in the world by countless
doctors, nutritionists, athletes, families, businesses and
universities. Over 100 US embassies around the world rely on our water purification appliances to protect their people from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats to their water supplies. The U.S. Navy, merchant, and cruise ships have drunk, cooked and bathed in distilled water since 1940.
In 1974, my parents, Richard and Sally, started their water business as an independent distributor selling water distillers to businesses and homeowners.
D&K Pure Water Service

We are 100% sure it's 99% pure!

Water testing available.

Our family has been raised on distilled water since 1981. We use a steam distiller to purify our water, because we believe distilled water is the cleanest you can get.

For Your Convenience, We Provide:
Water Filtering Equipment
Water Purifying Equipment • and More!

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D&K Pure Water Service